University Exchange

University of Parma, Italy

In 1998, the Stockton Sister Cities Association coordinated a meeting to introduce leaders of their new sister city’s universities. The University of Pacific’s President Don DeRosa and representative of the University of Parma, Professor Enzo Molina met along with Dr. Michele Speroni from the Provincia di Parma’s Office of International Exchange and Stockton Sister Cities Association Parma, Italy Chair Diana Lowery, for the purpose of discussing exchange opportunities.

There was interest from both schools, and over a decade ago, as a Stockton Sister Cities Association project, McGeorge Law School Dean Gerald Caplan, Stockton Sister Cities Association Chair of Parma Projects, Diana Lowery and board member Linda Ratto traveled to Parma and established an accord with the University of Parma’s Law School and the University of Pacific’s McGeorge Law School for the purpose of exchanges.

(Photo: L. Levine / Center with University of Parma Representatives)

 Thoughts from University of Pacific’s McGeorge Law School Professor Lawrence Levine, participant in exchange teaching at the University of Parma’s Law School. The opportunity made possible from a Stockton Sister City Accord created between Universities: 

”The opportunity for UOP to create a robust relationship with the University of Parma is a great one.”

”Parma is highly regarded... with a good law school, a pharmacy school and a medical school.

”McGeorge already has well established relationships with Parma’s law faculty that has provided our professors and students wonderful opportunities. ...and Parma is a perfect city — beautiful, safe, and well located.”